Visionary Craniosacral Therapy for Horses

   Wisdom from the Heart and the Herd

What is craniosacral therapy?

This powerful, gentle work restores balance in the craniosacral system which effects all systems of the body. Using a delicate palpation, this work re-balances the body, mind and spirit of the being.

The Equine Program…

This 7 level certification program takes you through the entire body section by section so you will obtain a deep and thorough understanding of the horse from a craniosacral perspective. We’ll explore the horse-human  relationship from a unique view through visionary craniosacral work. Visionary cst weaves shamanic technology with traditional cst methods. This allows us to see what is actually happening with the horse physically and emotionally in that moment and locate primary issues effecting behavior and performance. We’ll work with horses for direct experience and a deeper understanding. We’ll explore the horse as our master teacher, the speech of nature, the art of listening in expanded awareness, focus, sourcing, and the interface in relationships. The intro course is 4 days and advanced courses: levels 2-7, are 3 days and build on each other so must be taken in sequence. Guest speakers will join us periodically to discuss their area of expertise including: rehabilitation, massage, oils, and herbs.

Level 1: Introduction to Equine Craniosacral Therapy

This is the beginning of your journey where you’ll explore the history and theory behind craniosacral therapy from a visionary perspective utilizing the ancient wisdom of shamanic technologies. You’ll learn a solid base of equine anatomy from the cst perspective, how to feel the cranial rhythm on a horse, practical treatment protocols relating to the anatomy you learn and specific protocols for the horse(s) in your life. There will be a combination of lecture and hands-on work with horses each day. This course is required to take any advanced courses.

Level 2: The Front End

You’ll be perfecting your ability to feel the rhythm and being in expanded states of awareness, you will be learning the front end anatomy, common pathologies and a protocol specific to issues in this area. Anatomy: neck, withers, front legs, shoulder girdle, back, ribs & the hoof.

Level 3: The Hind End

In this training you will learn about the common pathologies of the hind end relating to movement and protocols for restoring flexibility and balance. We’ll look at the skeletal structure, muscles, connective tissues/fascia and the complex pelvic girdle. Anatomy: all aspects of the hind end. We’ll look at biomechanics, movement & conformation vs. body imbalance.

Level 4:  More Cranial bones, Sutures, Dentistry and Muscles

We’ll delve into common pathology found in the cranium due to head injuries, birth trauma, training mishaps & improper use of equipment. We’ll look at the common symptoms relating to these issues like head shaking, sight issues, excessive eye tearing, resistance to training and more. We’ll look at the membranes, the nervous system, dentistry and dental pathology. Anatomy: sutures of the cranium, cranial bones, cranial nerves & unwinding of muscles.

Level 5 & 6: Visceral Work

In these 2 levels we’ll explore the systems of the body from a cst perspective and learn how to work with them to restore balance. We’ll work with the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, reproductive, respiratory, urinary & nervous systems.

Level 7: Energy Work

We will go deeper into the energetic and shamanic technologies of the work. This is an exploration of your unique gifts, working with energy, chakras, clearing, light frequencies, distance work, shamanic visioning, animal totems, stones and crystals.


Ongoing private and group mentoring will be available upon request.

The Canine Program

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